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  Paper Cup Machine  
    We bring forth an impeccable assortment of Paper Cup Machines, which is manufactured using premium grade spare parts.
PE Coated Paper

PE Coated Papers are the paper rolls coated or laminated with polyethylene by extrusion process which results well shined papers to make it as water and wet proof. The paper material which is made from well mashed wood pulp with selected chemical mixtures is taken for PE coating. These types of PE Coated Papers are mostly used in paper cup making process for moisture protection coating over paper cups and also suitable for applying with different types of logo and design printings.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in India of providing fine quality PE Coated Paper products with wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colors suitable for paper cup products. Our PE Coated Papers are fame for superior quality, versatility, temperature tolerance and durability with the help of our well equipped technical features. Our specialty is to provide customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements.